About the Claims Process

What you need to know.

At MCT Insurance, you get Answers, Advocacy, and Accountability... to the Power of 3 or A3.

Our commitment to the A3 Claims Strategy means you can expect support anywhere, any time, and from someone who cares.

What You Get:

  1. Claims Expert – When you have an experienced team behind you that knows how the claims process works, it can sometimes make a big difference in the end. If you’re right and you feel you are being wronged, we are there for you.
  2. Strategy – The MCT A3 Claims Strategy includes our high standards for response time and follow-up, catastrophe and major incident planning, and total client satisfaction.
  3. Relationships – From the person who answers the phone to our President’s personal guarantee, your claim is our chance to prove why you made the right decision to insure with MCT Insurance.